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Save Family Food Mart

Currntly the North Carolina Department Of Transportation in Durham County, has decided to remove several properties along side Alston Avenue, including Family Food Mart at 1204 Worth Street. This store has been in our community for over 28 years. The store owner Steve Sadeeq is a truly wonderful person and family oriented man. He goes above and beyond to see that our community recieves whats needed. Whether it be store items, or a shoulder to lean on. Small buisiness owners struggle and endur much loss in times like these. The NCDOT refuses to give proper property value as well. There was a time when the city could care less what happened in our community, due to crime and extreme poverty. Yet Steve Sadeeq (Family Food Mart) stayed with us through it all. We can't let the NCDOT demolish those small buisinesses, who stood with us when no one else would. Buisinesses who helped us grow into what we are today. Together we stand united as a community. We must say NO to the NC Department Of Transportations careless decisions. Together letshelp Steve Sadeeq, like he's been doing for us, and our community. Help by signing this petition today. We thank you for your time.

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